‘Wearing operates in the space between the parameters that define our social normality and the notional point of unmediated expression. Into that space she inserts disjunctive elements that both separate and unify’ (Ferguson, 36) I like the idea of having a ‘disjunctive element’ in my work – that can act as a subversive tool. I… Read More Progress??

Sherry Turkle + Erik Erikson Moratorium

Cyberspace and Identity. Sherry Turtle. Contemporary Sociology. Vol. 28, No.6 (Nov.,1999), pp. 543 – 648 Published by American Sociological Association Looking Toward Cyberspace: Beyond Grounded Sociology   A rapidly expanding system of networks, collectively known as the Internet, links millions of people together in new spaces that are changing the way we think, the nature… Read More Sherry Turkle + Erik Erikson Moratorium