Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive Exhibition

I was interested in going to see Alex Prager’s work after checking what was on around London as her work looks into “themes of alienation and the pluralism of modern life” while also largely having women as the protagonists of her work.


Her influence seems to be where she comes from, which is LA and she talks about the juxtaposition between the air of glamour and perfection LA holds with the seedy belly that comes with that. And for the people that go there to seek stardom, a lot of them are ultimately trying to become people that they or not or who in reality don’t exist. Her work looks into ideas of beauty and perfection, which is why I was intrigued to see her work as I felt there could be some parallels with my own, thematically perhaps.


Aesthetically her work is filmic, harking to the golden era of Hollywood. My work aesthetically and I hope with some sense of purpose actually lacks that quality of wanting to look perfect. But still looks into the isolating feeling that obsessing with things like perfection and beauty can bring. It seems like underneath this veil of perfection her protagonists are struggling with a darker storm, and I suppose i’m trying to show that darker side more plainly.


What I particularly enjoyed was the unnerving quality the narrative of her stills has, and there is once again a clear narrative but is not always possible to fully grasp the whole of it. That is certainly an area i’m exploring and found it valuable to see how another artist is going about this.



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