Showplan: Version 2


Instead of sharing the room with Vic, we were thinking that Vic’s work might need more space and there is actually an empty office right next to the room. Because of the size of it, I wouldn’t be able to make a semi circle shape with the iMacs, nor have 7 as the originally idea I had with Jonathan was that both pieces would mirror each other with 7 iMacs both in semi circles.

I’d still be able to fit 4 iMacs in the room though and the great thing about it is that the office as a window that looks into the hallway so instead of people going into the room to look at the work they could just look at the pieces from outside in. I really liked that idea as in the pieces i’m quite vulnerable so it kind of adds a layer of ‘protection’ as it were. I was also hoping it would add a sense of surreality to it. Very excited about the space but we need to confirm with whoever uses the room that it’s ok to use. Fingers crossed!


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