Datamoshing Images – Audacity

I also followed a tutorial to figure out how to glitch using the sound editing software Audacity. I was able to import the image (the same Donald Trump one) and convert it to a sound file.


Once in audacity the idea is to apply any of the effects that you would do to a sound file such as tempo, wah wah et al. I tried a few, using just one effect on each image to see if I could make it work and here are some of the results:

donaldtrump 5testtesttestdonaldtrumptrumpflag

It was just a test but I particularly liked the outcome of this glitch. One of the pictures makes him look a bit like he’s got flags for devil horns. My tests were a success, so really the next step was to see if I could test this again but with some of the footage from my film.


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