After asking for feedback from my course mates about my rough edit, one person suggested that I look into ‘datamoshing’ as they believed that the lo-fi quality of my video could work well with it.

I started looking into it and came across a number of ways to ‘datamosh’ or ‘glitch’ or even ‘databend’  image and video files – the terms seem all interchangeable but still unsure exactly if they mean the same or different things!

From what I’ve discovered so far you can ‘corrupt’ an image by messing around with code by using something like text edit or specific software that you download such as ‘hex fiend’ which is what I did.

I also figured out that you can glitch a file by inputting it as raw data into audacity, a program designed for sound editing, and treat it with the effects on the program such as amplify, temp et al.

It seems as though you can glitch files by editing them in software that it was not designed to be used in or should i say use a piece of software not for its actual purpose. And going into the code you can write anything and it just messes it up a bit. I started with some examples that i’ll put on the next blog post.

The reason i’m interested in this is that I wonder if it will add an element of distortion to my video. If i’m interested in masks or masking perhaps this is a way to go about it?

Some of my questions which I hope to discover as I go on are, can you have control in the ways in which you glitch? Is there a creative process there?

I have to say I’m so far really enjoying learning about it all. It really has been an emotionally exhausting project. Not to say that that’s a negative thing but learning about glitching and the potential visual outcomes it can produce have really excited me. I’ll leave some examples below.


I can already tell from this video alone that I may a number of potential challenges. The low lighting and low quality image of my video may effect my ability to make a glitch like this, but I just have to try and see. Not even sure what software is best to use yet!


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