Had another good chat with Jonathan last week. He’s great at giving ideas to keep you motivated with your work! He made a suggestion to go over the film and speed up and slow down certain parts of the film, then do it again and layer it over each other to see how they match up. My aim was to do that today, and started playing with speed but ended up down somewhat of a rabbit hole. There’s a quality to the film when it’s slowed down that I enjoy aesthetically. It distorts the image, playing to its strengths (ironically) of being low quality and changes the narrative of the footage…to what I don’t know but it certainly becomes almost instantly unclear as to what’s going on. The layering is a big part of this.

One of the layers is slowed down to 50% and the other 100%. I love the way the hands look in this video. Although i’ve taken a ‘shortcut’ as it were and created the jittery quality to it by just constantly hitting the space bar! It was a shortcut just so I could see what it looked like. I particularly like the way the hands look about 50 seconds in to the actual video and about 30 seconds into the clip above. Could play a bit more with the opacity I reckon, they’re a bit uneven currently.


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