Rotoscoping – Photoshop (blend)

I’ve been working with a small amount of test footage to experiment and learn ways to merge multiple images together. This experiment has largely been propelled by ‘discovery’ as it were, as i’m trying to figure out ways in which to do this. I’m sure there are many many ways to edit images and moving images together.

I discovered that you could take stills out of after effects and move them over to photoshop. So, with the same bit of footage I tried 2 ways of editing it. The first was to use ‘blend’ mode on photoshop. I wanted to see if I could create a sort of warped moving image of myself in the footage.



With the same footage I also sped it up, to appear like more in real time. I think realistically I need to keep working on the footage as it is a bit too short to understand what impact it has. With that in mind, this process has been slow for me as I am very much learning on the go and am not aware of what shortcuts are available to me. That’s what learning is though I suppose!



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