Another reflective and helpful tutorial. One of my main concerns at the moment is my source material. As the nature of it is so linked with recent difficulties in my life, I have been questioning how helpful it will be for me to work on it – will it actually have a negative impact on my wellbeing? Or will it be cathartic to work on it? Or can working on something that does bring you difficulty have a positive outcome for you in the end? And if i’m thinking about it just in terms of art, does it matter if I find working on the film a bit painful if I am to be producing something that I find to be a worthwhile thing to look at and share with others? These questions in recent weeks have constantly been going through my head and have actually impacted my working – as in I really haven’t been working on the material as much as I’d like. I’m a bit afraid to, perhaps. But then being reticent to work on the material I believe is part of the process too.

Jonathan made me feel very positive about the possibilities of my work while also understanding that I may have to take into account if it really is going to impact on my wellbeing. But I left thinking that it is worth working on. As me recording myself was never something I planned on doing, he referred to the footage as being almost like a gift.


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