2 Girls Gallery

Thanks once again to Donald for offering us the opportunity to put up our work. The whole organisation of it was largely led by the first years as well as Vic, Andrew and others.

I at first was going to make new work for the gallery but as my personal stress ensued I decided to put up my work from the interim show. While my intention is to keep moving forward it was very nice to see it in this gallery space. It was quite an old looking room, exposed white brick, high ceilings, small and cosy and I was able to hang my work vertically, while this decision was made due to space it ended up to me being aesthetically pleasing.


I really did like the ‘hodge podge’ look of the whole thing too. Something very cosy about it. I’ve also found that I don’t seem to ever be too precious about where my work goes. In a collaborative show such as this it makes much more sense to be compromising to me.


And every time I involve myself in these exhibitions it opens me up to places in which you can display your work if you make a connection there, that little bit of added knowledge about your local art scene and a greater sense of confidence about displaying your work.

And quite nicely, at the beginning of the academic year it was a great way to get to know the first years from the course and establish a community and connection between the 2 years. Hopefully that means we will all be energised to do more group shows throughout the year!

Also Vic’s boyfriend Alex was great and very helpful in setting things up. A pragmatic fellow who’s very good at just getting a job done and working through problems. As opposed to previous exhibitions where we used spirit levels and pencils, it was quite the opposite experience this time just using things that were around to set things up – less formal and I quite liked that, much more my style! Or maybe i’m just too easy at giving in to my impatience and lack of love for anything DIY. Perhaps i’ll get more reverence for it one day….perhaps…..


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