Peckham Sounds

My friend who studies Graphic Design at Chelsea and I went around Peckham to record for her art project. Her aim was to talk to homeless people in Peckham. It was a last minute collaboration and so I wanted to make sure we still could approach it from a thoughtful perspective even though we hadn’t had a huge amount of time to plan. A simple decision was made to not visually record our interviewees but just the audio, with a bit of filming of the area.

It was an interesting experience with some negative sides to it too. We met a man who was very happy to share some of his stories, and I could see he had a guitar so asked if he would like to play some music to which he said yes. We were sitting and having a coffee with him but the shop owners eventually told us all to leave as we were scaring the customers. This then exacerbated the situation with the man becoming quite angry. He apologised but we decided to leave the interview there. Luckily we recorded it as the shop owner really didn’t handle the situation in the right way and I felt the man was demonised because he was homeless. I definitely felt bad as if we hadn’t approached him it is very likely this negative situation wouldn’t have occurred.

Prior to that we had interesting conversation with the man, a few choice stories he decided to tell which I purposefully didn’t want him to elaborate on, but there were some genuine moments too.


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