Science Museum Staff Exhibition

I recently displayed my work in a staff art exhibition at the Science Museum. We have a number of temporary gallery spaces so when they’re not in use we’re able to use them to display all the work of people who work in the museum. It’s my second time being a part of it and the reason I love it is because you just don’t realise, in such a big building, how many creative people there really are working among you – in visitor services, security, curating etc. You also can never necessarily know who the person is from the work even though you will see them every day. Last year someone made some, what i’d call, pagan masks – quite fantastic.

I offered but wasn’t a big part of the setup and so left it up to the people who organised it as to how they displayed my work. They couldn’t hang on the walls so got lots of easels instead. It was a good experience to see my work displayed in a different way.

Just like the interim show the theme really is to celebrate and look at all the variety of work within one group of people, so it was very mixed and that in itself was fun to see.

They had to shut it down a day early sadly, and there wasn’t much promotion of it within the museum – that was a let down. Otherwise another great opportunity to display work. I did get someone come up to me and ask me about my work, so it was a good way to talk about it. The more you talk about your work, or someone comments on it, the more you can understand it yourself – so doing something like this is always a positive exercise. And last year I got an email from someone who i’d never met saying how much they enjoyed one of my previous works ‘mrs. happy lady’ – so you do get a feeling of validation too, which actually can be quite nice as particularly i’ve been going through a bit of personal turmoil. So to be a part of something positive like this, even though it was in house and for just a few days – was a healthy thing to do.



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