Research Paper reflection

This paper was the first where I worked right up to the deadline. I was so glad to get it in. In the final week or so of writing, I really started to feel like my voice was coming out a bit more in the paper, as I had been really struggling for the whole writing process to make that happen.

Of course, the deadline acted as a catalyst to get it finished. I wish I had given myself 1 or 2 days more. Just to really check things over.

No matter the grade, it was quite an amazing feeling for me to be really struggling the whole time with it and then having a final piece of work at the end where I felt that I hadn’t just learned more within my research area but had learned more about my take on it, my voice and my opinion. If my voice comes through to the reader at all in the paper, then I will feel quite satisfied in that respect.

It makes so much sense to me too that we do this half way through the year as opposed to the end. This is particularly because of my awareness of the steep learning curve i’m going through on this course and having the research paper half way through will only help to strengthen my practice going forward. Would I really have conducted the amount of research I had if it wasn’t for the research paper? I definitely wouldn’t have. It’s been a fantastic exercise. The next real learning curve is to employ that kind of discipline to research once this degree is over.


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