‘Wearing operates in the space between the parameters that define our social normality and the notional point of unmediated expression. Into that space she inserts disjunctive elements that both separate and unify’ (Ferguson, 36)

I like the idea of having a ‘disjunctive element’ in my work – that can act as a subversive tool.

I keep coming back to the idea of how to represent the body and how to explore identity in my work. My flash of inspiration came from the idea that an artist such as Gillian Wearing will often use a mask.


A newer British artist Juno Calypso, also uses beauty masks in her photography:



Juno Calypso uses face masks/ beauty masks in her work as she takes a look, sometimes hauntingly sometimes with humour at the idea of femininity. Her use of face masks made me question what other things are there out there that represent, in a consumer sense, our preoccupation with self-image. I know at first it seems blatantly obvious that most things do, but I started to think about mannequins:

The more I researched mannequins though the weirder they seemed to get, which is how I ended up purchasing this particular one:


I’m intrigued by those who would ever buy this? and why? and who made it? and why?

I then also became interested in practice training heads for hairdressers – as they all just look so bizarre.



Both of these items have been purchases so looking forward to having some kind of photoshoot when they arrive!




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