Interim Show

The exhibition itself was a wonderful experience. It’s interesting to see how long people look at the work or even stay in the room, which for most isn’t very long. I’d attribute that potentially in part to the fact that the whole building is full of work and there’s just too much to see – as well as the fact our room was right at the end of a corridor on the second floor, not too easy to find. This meant that after the opening night the footfall was quite few relatively, but when you did see people engage with the work it was great.

It even seemed to matter where stuff was positioned in the room. And of course, it’s quite an interesting site to watch people look at your work. You can tell that each visitor to the room is naturally guided towards different works based on what they like. So while invigilating can at times be quiet you do get great insights.

The pack down in comparison to the setup was quite quick, I think as a group we should have been more proactive in organising a dinner or something to have more of a debrief. I do think that by the end of it everyone is just so tired though.

The awards ceremony was interesting, I actually didn’t realise that that happened. It brought the whole of the visual arts course together and you realise how big it is. It was also so lovely to see people in the second year pick up their awards, as you knew all the hard work they put into everything. It acted as a good motivator, and slightly daunting at the same time too.

I was very pleased with my work. I feel very much that i’m on a big learning curve but with understanding my practice and all the practicalities that come along with that – like how to use a camera etc. But my actual project of going out and interviewing strangers was something I enjoyed greatly. It’s like a said in my experience of working on Longplayer day, something about both the randomness and playfulness of meeting new people and trying to create something together for new particular reason other than you want to. It’s your idea but can’t be achieved without the collaboration of strangers. It felt very life affirming actually. I think the whole concept of art as therapy is very much what i’m about at the moment haha. exhibition4exhibition9


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