Exhibition Setup


Our exhibition setup for our interim show was very much a collaborative process. This is partly due to the fact that part of the course is based online so we needed to work together to insure that everybody’s work was setup and fairly represented as not everyone could be there for this part. This meant in part talking to these students either via Jonathan or over email to figure out they wanted there work to be represented.

A lot of people’s work was of course digital, so we had to decide how to show everybody’s work as there was a limited number of projectors and more than enough iMacs. This meant that people had to be flexible and compromise with how there work was to be displayed, but I’ve found throughout the year and was even better shown in this process that everybody in our group are both fair and flexible. This also meant that wall space was something we really had to think about, but that led to interesting uses of space – for example Inga’s work, which we projected onto a plinth on the floor.


And Joseph’s work, which ended up being projected above a sink. Jonathan also had to use iMacs to display a couple of online digital student’s at work as space was quite limited.

The space was indeed one of the challenges we had to work with. As it wasn’t our final show we were given a more limited space, although there was in the end more than enough of it. We were also put in a space with other courses such as illustration and designer maker, so our first thought that it was all going to be a tight fit but worked together quite nicely. We had good communication with the designer maker students as there are only 2 of them and they were very much a part of the ‘curating’ process when we were deciding, which work went where.

The illustration students, perhaps because they are a bigger group, didn’t really have any communication with us. They had a wall in the space and set it up. It all worked together fine but I wonder whether we would have curated things any differently if they were a part of the discussions too? I did feel a bit separated from them even though we shared the same space. It would have been nice to have more communication as we could have learned about each others’ works. This would have been nice for the moments of invigilation where people want to engage with the work – we could have provided more information. It wasn’t a big obstacle but I do believe that the more communication the better…in most situations!

We all tidied the space, cleaned the walls packed up and packed down as well as moving plinths around. They are simple enough tasks but physically laborious – that seems to be a big part of a show the put up and take down and the more people to help the better. I’m very lucky to be in my group as everyone was so proactive.


Mine was especially easy to setup as they were just 3 framed photographs, but I did get good advice from Jonathan in regards to taking the extra time to think how your work should go on the wall. If the exhibition was only my work or only photographs, perhaps I would have displayed them differently. But I tested different ways of hanging the work to see what I liked best, as I wanted each character in my photograph to be considered the same. This meant that I first tested putting the pictures up at different heights as they are different sizes but I ended up with them all being as similarly hung as possible.


As both my work and Joe’s were next to each other, and were both hanging pieces we had to think together about how best our work would look next to each other.

Another issue was of course light. We had one room with both photographs, hanging pieces, film and projections or work that played with light. There wasn’t a whole lot we could do. Andrew brought a light meter to see how different the light was in different parts of the room and Jonathan noted that depending on the time of day in summer the light shines very differently in the room. So really we just had to try our best. I think it all worked well considering. Again compromise and flexibility was really the key.


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