Selfie Tutorial


Trying to explore the loneliness and self consciousness that we can see in selfie culture, I’ve appropriated footage of selfie tutorials found on YouTube and using Premier i’m playing around trying to distort the footage to see if I can extrapolate the underlying vulnerability of these people and those who watch them.

I feel that when slowing the footage down, as opposed to showing vulnerability, I think it brings out the more unsettling side of these types of tutorials, as well as having a humours effect. This woman is trying to help others take the perfect selfie with tips such as using your t-rex hands and pretending that behind the camera is someone you love so you want to take a nice picture for them. Slowing the footage down is a simple effect but helps to bring out the wealth of absurdity that lies beneath it too.

When I watch these tutorials I can’t help but feel that we are becoming more and more comfortable with choosing to treat ourselves as commodities or products. Social media is a market place for the advertising of goods and also ‘people’. And there is something humorous/disturbing in the thought that mastering the ‘t-rex hand’ is important if we want to ultimately succeed.


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