Snapchat Mannequin

Having a play, I was thinking about Gillian Wearing using masks, Tony Oursler using digital/sculpture, Cindy Sherman being performative and me having no money and ordered the cheapest mannequin I could buy on Amazon Prime and played around with it on snapchat. It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable that we live in a day and age where you can order a mannequin head and it can arrive the next day, doesn’t seem right. Anyways, here are some of the pics. I was just playing around just before bed seeing how it would look.


The immediacy of the ‘snapchats’ of the mannequin were quite funny to me – giving life to something which has minimal facial features. Creepiness comes into it too I suppose to animate something inanimate. It made me think about why snapchat has become so successful? And once again it relies on visual communication. It does put humour into a visual form that seems quite humourless.


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