2nd Tutorial

Had 2nd tutorial with Jonathan the other day. He always helps me to feel very motivated by the end of the session, even if i’m still yet to focus on what I want to do.

I was recommended the book alone together by MIT technology and society specialist Sherry Turtle, which has just arrived today and another bit of reading called ‘The Internet is not the answer’ by Andrew Keene.

alone together

I seemed to be fixated on certain aspects of social media at the moment. One being selfies and identity – I said to Jonathan that it isn’t necessarily a new idea but there is something to me, so interesting about selfies and what they say about us. I almost want to treat selfies as the window into learning more about how we use social media in terms of of our real identities.

Secondly i’m very interested in social experiments but from a more investigatory perspective. What are the ethics behind channels that create money from ‘educational’ or ‘charitable’ scenarios.

And Feminism and social media. Just endlessly interesting

Jonathan was helping me to think about there being away to link all or at least some of these ideas together. Or do I want to treat them as separate projects?


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