Mid Point Review … review

A very nerve wracking experience this whole mid point review, but also an enjoyable one. I spent a long time writing the script, wishing I’d had more time to re-edit it. I also spent days trying to make a powerpoint presentation but felt that this video I made, where I layered 2 selfie makeup tutorial videos together, helped for me to create a kind of atmosphere around my feelings towards selfies and their unwitting ability to expose our vulnerability, loneliness and in part a kind of mania.
The whole short piece that I made I have become excited by so I’m going to see what I can do with this footage outside of the mid point review. It’s certainly unfinished but a good starting point.
The actual review itself was at first ever so slightly excruciating. I was second to present in the day so my nerves were quite high, and as I said I didn’t get a chance to finish the whole thing to the standard I’d have hoped, although I know the point of the review was to explain your work and I feel like I did that aptly.
The responses to my work seemed to be angling towards me ingratiating myself in the Instagram world and me becoming a performer. I’m willing to think about this but the ideas made me think of Amalia Ulman’s work straight away – hasn’t that already been explored? Or are there other ways to go about it?
I remember someone saying in the class that I seem a bit removed from the work (another reason why I should perform and become more immersed) but I have to say that got me thinking about my positioning in my work. I’ve always gravitated towards documentary and I wonder why couldn’t I have a more documentary approach to my work? Almost curatorial?
I also appreciate Will’s point about how selfies are about the culture of the individual but relies on collective approval. I think that observation falls in line with some of the lines of enquiry I briefly spoke about in my 5 minutes.
I think in the moments after my review I didn’t feel like myself or my work had been entirely understood, but going through the comments again I realise this is not the case. I think it’s helped me to recognise that there is almost a 2 pronged approach to my development. Do I perform (which obviously scares the shit out of me a bit … so is it fear that’s stopping me or genuine reasoning?) or can I think about creating work with a more documentary approach? Or can I do both? And still for me the question remains: how do I create work about selfies without making a selfie?
Comments from my review
[14/03/2017, 10:41:44] Jonathan Kearney: ok any comments for Mady
[14/03/2017, 10:43:02] Jonathan Kearney: comment from Miriam:
I am interested in what she said “social media helped us to feel more lonely.”,I have a n experience of when I was in BA ,I went to university a week earlier than that semester started.
my roommate were not there.I had daily conversation with friends by social media ,it could lasted all day.But I rarely had chance to talk with someone in real person.The strange thing was I actually did a lot of things on social media,having an nice conversation with friends, read helpful articles.but
the consequence was I still felt like I wasted my time cause i was in my dorm all day .(but i wound not feel that way if i did a same thing in a coffee bar with a friend )
[14/03/2017, 10:43:19] Inga Linevičiūtė: I liked the idea of using herself to create selfies. I wonder if Madeline thought of trying to become famous? Social media famous 🙂
[14/03/2017, 10:46:27] Arhum  Al-Rahman: Hi everyone
I find this project very interesting, the way she is exploring the impact of social media in our daily lives is quite relatable and I like how she is recreating certain aspects of it and exploring both the issues and benefits that come along with it
[14/03/2017, 10:46:54] Will Clarke: the selfie is hard to pin down a psychologists dream, we touched on it in class when we discussed Amalia Ulman and the Richard Prince instagrams , I think in order for Mady to deepen her practice she will need to start an selfie Instagram account and start getting loads of followers by using hashtags , then she can study what this attention is actually doing to her psyche
[14/03/2017, 10:48:05] Will Clarke: so yes as Inga said she should see what becoming Social media famous does to her
[14/03/2017, 10:48:56] Inga Linevičiūtė: I agree Will, she would need to analyse and put herself in all those ‘famous instragamers’ shoes and work for that fame and popularity
[14/03/2017, 10:49:11] Zara Allen: I think that her work is fascinating, and is teetering on lots of interesting political contexts that demand to be explored, gender and power relations in particular
[14/03/2017, 10:52:31] neslihanb: yes I agree with Inga and Will she should experience it
[14/03/2017, 10:53:57] Will Clarke: the selfie is the culture of the individual , but relies on a collective approval
[14/03/2017, 10:55:11] Inga Linevičiūtė: Or filming herself while she is taking a selfie (a reply to Joe’s comment)
[14/03/2017, 10:55:31] Will Clarke: when people put selfies up , then someone describes their look as being “on point ”  , or something like that , so gross
[14/03/2017, 10:55:31] Jonathan Kearney: Inga – good point
[14/03/2017, 10:56:38] Inga Linevičiūtė: It’s like ‘behind the scenes’ and just to see what does it take to take a perfect selfie and become someone, that people will adore you and follow you

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