Green Screen

In order to fulfil one of my goals of trying new methods and process, I’ve teamed up with fellow students Vic, Alasdair and Terry to learn about the green screen. We all in someways have different motivations, one person is trying to find other ways of expressing their work, one hopes to use it in their final piece but the ultimate goal of learning more about it together.

We started by setting up the green screen at Camberwell. We were told it’s relatively small and that a much bigger one resides at Wimbledon but for us to practice it was a good place to start.

The whole session was a perfect example of why it’s so good to try things about before you use them, even if the concept seems relatively simple. We first off couldn’t connect the camera to the tv – we spoke to the technician and it was very much a troubleshooting type of situation – was it the wire? the camera? the tv? I don’t even think we really found out but once it started working we left it at that. It then stopped working again and started working once more inexplicably to us. Vic was the one figuring out the software, it’s called Isadora and she’d already used it a bit before.


Even though we didn’t make a piece of work i felt I learned a lot – even the fact that I’d like someone else to be there when I use it for my own work to help with directing etc. The importance of light once again and simple bits of advice like not wearing checked or striped tops.

To be continued


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