Low Residency: Sound-Vision-Capture-Montage

We were allowed into a building site on campus and were tasked to record sound, footage etc.

I have to say I felt somewhat under equipped as I don’t have my own camera etc but walking around with Joseph we were able to pick up some good sounds – tapping things, jumping all that stuff. I said I quite liked the idea of filming ourselves to them make a film about art students trying their hardest to be arty. We went another way but I still like that idea.


I can’t remember if we chose our groups or were paired, we must’ve been paired and then we had a set period of time to make a piece of work. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and the group worked well. The group naturally sorted itself into smaller working groups. Vic and Katerina focused on editing the footage and me, Joseph and Leonie started working on the sound. I thought I had a handle on garageband but it was a new version and I was very quickly thwarted. Leonie was great though – showed us how to use audacity and had a fun way of working so we could learn off her and it be an enjoyable process.


I was really pleased with the results as a collaborative process. It’s funny, there must be many reasons why a random group of people will or will not work together but I feel that we were all relaxed but productive. We listened to each other and understood that it was all about the process, we didn’t have a lot of time and getting to know each other during this time was important too. Very fun!

I will say it was a new experience to make something that was on the more serious side of things, it’s more in my nature to make something with what I feel to be a humorous approach. So it was good to do something different.


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