Low Residency: Artist Tutorial

We all got a chance to have a tutorial with a visiting artist and discuss our work in small groups. The artist we had in ours was Rosie, a former Camberwell student and now illustrator/publisher.

It was a very helpful session. After speaking about my work she said that I underestimate the quality of my work – which was of course, a pleasant thing to hear but I equally want to make sure that I don’t talk myself down too much when giving presentations about what i’ve done so far. The fact that I don’t come from an art background can be my strength as opposed to my weakness. I sometimes need to keep reminding myself of that.

She recommended to me the artist Sophie Calle, who I recall being told about in my foundation. I wonder if that’s because of how I’ve created a series drawing people from Facebook, just as she in real life followed people around.

I also spoke about my Happy Lady/Happy Man illustrations. I told her the story about how I’d reached the end of drawing the Happy Lady but hadn’t drawn her face as they are hard for me to draw. My boyfriend said to me, why not just draw a smiley face and I loved the way it turned out. Rosie said that in comics etc it’s important to make the characters like an ‘everyman’ or something like that so by adding the smiley face that’s what it did. It made the pictures anonymous (as they weren’t to mock the people on Facebook anyways) and allowed them to become something else. So that was good feedback to hear.

Her final advice, which I found the most helpful out of all, was to set myself mini projects like every week or 2 weeks so that i’m able to fulfil my wish of trying new methods and process whilst also continuing my research and making. It was really simple advice but great to hear!

Hearing about other people’s work was crucial as well. You get to learn about other people on your course, what their work is, how they work etc. You get to realise that you’re all going through the same thing, you can learn from each other and the tutorial allows us to practice ways of talking constructively about other people’s work – which is always a helpful exercise.

Hope we get to do them more often!


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