Selfie Studio Shoot

Richard took us through an induction of the space, all very valuable information as it was my first time using it. Very helpful tips like to draw a diagram of the space when you have your lighting where you want it to be, use measurements etc then you can refer to it again at a later point.

We spent a while testing lights so Richard could give a basic introduction as to how to achieve different light and shade.


After that, Vic being my photographer and director of the shoot helped to document me getting ready. We thought that would be valuable to witness a kind of transformation. Unfortunately as I don’t have quite the right makeup yet, the transformation doesn’t look as extreme as it could be.

I also thought that I would use Photo Booth as a mirror as it is another way to see ourselves reflected back, and ultimately it is for the eyes of others that I am dressing for.



My makeup was done terribly, i’d like to say that it was on purpose but that’s only partially true. Nonetheless, without the lighting or right angle you can see here than in fact I don’t really look fit for public consumption. Sounds a bit gross but that’s what selfies are for. I actually look pretty masculine, which in someways is the opposite intention as this character is more predominantly thinking of the male gaze.


But with the right lighting and at the right angle this is a photo taken on my phone. I tried to over exaggerate features by using black eyeliner for contouring etc. selfie10

It’s interesting because these photographs ultimately give false information to the person taking the photo too.

When it came to the actually shots, Vic tried to direct me. I actually found it very difficult. Without a fully formed character and being shy, it felt pretty excruciating. I found that I couldn’t perform in the shot without being caricaturish. These were the only photos I liked  mildly out of the many we took.


I would say that the photoshoot was a success in showing me how much I need to prepare before I do a photoshoot (namely character). As Richard said, the shoot is the last part in the long line of preparation. I also recognised that I need to find ways to circumvent my shyness if i’m going to be performative. This in that sense was a good first step. Maybe I’ll use the studio again, maybe i’ll create a space at home to work, maybe i’ll work outside. Working outside and dressing up is something i’ve done before and actually didn’t mind, but I think that’s partially because there was a group of us. It’s amazing how on the spot you feel once all lights are pointing at you. So good in terms of learning experience, all in all.


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