Second selfie shoot

Had another go at the selfie shoot – this time with poppies included. Seeing if I could at all portray my point of view that selfies aren’t always the most accurate medium in portraying a charity’s cause. Again referencing the ‘no makeup selfie campaign’. Also added a bit of costume. It doesn’t make a complete or full character. I basically just couldn’t believe I could buy this particular set of clothing and the wonderful price of £4.5o!

Instead of making a full character I was trying to see how comfortable I’d feel beginning to become one. I’m not comfortable being in front of the camera. So it was another exercise in trying to become more comfortable. To me, I’ve realised it’s more difficult than it looks, as it is a form of acting.

I still don’t think I have the right makeup/brushes to do it properly but I still consider these shots as tests so I’m fine with that. I am surprised though with the amount of makeup that I put on that on camera it doesn’t really come across as ‘too much’. You can tell there’s a lot but it doesn’t look too far from normal.


I like this shot, particularly for the composition because it’s so pointless. What a meaningless, bland background. Opened bathroom door, part of ceiling.


This I enjoy for the awkward way I have to move my body over the sink just to be in the photo. A lot of effort for a throwaway picture.


Added this costume to see if I could start to build a slight surreal character. After using these clothes, I would personally like to make the outfit I wear be much more subtle, similar to Amalia Ulman.



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