Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA

Hoping to seek inspiration in terms of my practice all round i.e. new ways of making, or ways of approaching work. I thought this exhibition would be a good place to start as it showcases the work of artists using a variety of media. It stated in the exhibition blurb that ‘the resulting exhibition is both a social commentary and an indication of the emerging generations preoccupations’ – which I thought went well with my areas of interest.


Richie Moment

A few works in the exhibition spoke to me, including the 3 videos made by Richie Moment. Watching them all made me feel that the artist, who I presume is the protagonist in the films, is either genuinely a hipster or subtly plays the character very well and with humor. Made me interested in the use of green screen etc.


Jemma Egan. Stella. 2015. Bronze

Thought this piece was very playful – the use of bronze to create a playful slightly disturbing piece. Seeing something like that continues to fire the desire to play with materials pertaining to traditional art to create something you wouldn’t expect from the medium perhaps.



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