Veronica Scanner

Visited and tested 3D Veronica Scanner:

Veronica’s data can be used by a whole host of output devices that print in layers, harden liquids, carve or use other methods to materialise volume from polygon mesh or a cloud of points. The data can be printed using additive rapid prototyping technologies to produce a physical positive. This positive can be moulded and cast in wax that can be used in the ‘lost wax’ process to convert the printed material into bronze, brass, stainless steel, cast iron, silver, gold, silicate glass (Murano glass), lead crystal glass, and more ephemeral materials like jelly, chocolate, sugar and salt.

Really excited by the possibilities of 3D scanning printing, particularly as it allows me to focus on the human as a subject,which seems to be a recurring drive in my work.

‘Greek sculptors and icon painters aspired to objective accuracy without evidence of human intervention, but for most of art history since the Renaissance, it is the act of physical intervention that has been considered artful’

My immediate question though, is how to represent somebody e.g. a celebrity when I can’t physically use them to find there measurements through the use of photogrammetry. Or how similar do I have to make them? If i’m thinking of sculpting them in some form.


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