Art in a digital environment: Elusive Taxonomies

Jonathan said we’d be more confused after this morning and he was correct.

I found the different definitions of digital art that he introduced to helpful, in terms of having a better understanding as to how my work may fit into it:

Art that uses digital technology as a tool in the process of making traditional art (3D printing came to mind)

Art that uses digital technology as the medium itself – art that is held within a digital environment in its making and presentation and in exploring its interactive nature

Austin Museum of Digital Art: Art that uses digital technology in any of 3 ways:

As the product

As the process

As the subject

The last definition was particularly helpful because at the moment I see my work being the exploration of areas of digital culture as the subject of my work. How I want to present it is where my work comes in, as I really don’t know!

At the moment, the idea of using ‘digital’ as a process or product seems difficult to me, particularly after the session we had with Ed a few weeks ago about processing and pure data. But equally i’m keen to be introduced to it all. It seems apparent that there is a steep learning curve to all of this but once I get my head around it, I do hope to attempt to test it in one form or another.


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