First Tutorial pt. 2

The second area of focus I have is more directly linked to social media, celebrity and social issues. It’s a big topic though which is one fo the reasons why I’m finding it hard to start. I’ve decided to get it going, by sort of continuing what I began on my final major project last year. This means photography again. However, I would like the photographs this time to be a lot more like staged portraiture, inspired by Cindy Sherman. I want to create a ‘selfie character’ – influenced by Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian interests me greatly because she really represents this odd depiction of feminism that some cselebrities play to where they say they are a feminist and as Amalia Ulman put it (YouTube Salon) believe they are ‘untouched by external values and demands’ but when you look at the photographs she uploads on her social media accounts that is clearly not the case. I am very interested in the duality of meaning a ‘selfie’ can project. Does. Kim kardashian truly believe she is a feminist? How many different definitions of feminism are there? Am I wrong to question her? 

”We live in the electric economy of looking good” – Amalia Ulman


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