First Tutorial

I foolishly forgot to upload my blog post straight after tutorial – have had family over from the US so all has been a bit manic.

I basically explained to Jonathan that  I seem to be straddling a number of different ideas at the moment – not all fully related to my proposal. But I left assured that that’s perfectly reasonable – as long as I make work and research till I find what works.

One idea, unrelated to my proposal is to follow my project with Chris Clayton, an employee who works at my local train station. Last academic year I started a project taking pictures of him in his home environment and I really took to the idea of documentary photography.   I was particularly made aware and wanted to learn more about the level of responsibility you feel as a photographer. I realised, as somebody who is documenting somebody else life, how easy it could potentially be to exploit that – to take photos that could make the subject feel uncomfortable, which is not what I want to do. It made me fascinated, therefore, in the nuances a good photo can grasp – the intention of the photographer and the intention of the subject.

Chris has also welcomed me into other parts of his life, including the interesting relationship he has with his friend Sam. I’m hoping to continue this but am aware this project relies heavily on the times when both Chris and Sam are available. It takes patience and good organisation.

In relation to this project, I was reading the most recent issue of the British Journal of Photography and was reading an article about the work of a British street photographer, his name escapes me at the moment, but he was saying that when he takes pictures of people they sometimes get upset because it is unwanted and intrusive and he treats those situations like a game – he says sometimes he’ll talk to them for a long period of time until they calm down etc but I actually didn’t like that. As a photographer that’s not something i’d like to do. I’d much rather establish a relationship with the subject, and in that way you can potentially get so much more from the photo.



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