Christopher Clayton

Met with Chris for lunch today – we’ve been talking about how to continue the project together. We’ve agreed to arrange a date for me to return to his flat to take some more photos. I’m thinking of using 2 cameras – analogue and digital. He’s also mentioned his grandson Sam, who he looks after. Sam’s a drag queen and does shows in Croydon/around SE so Chris is passing me on details to go watch one of his shows. From what I understand, Sam hasn’t had a very easy upbringing and so Sam also stays with Chris in his flat from time to time. I suggested to Chris that I would like to come over to take some shots when they’re living together. Chris also told me that Sam has been both on Jeremy Kyle and Judge Rinder so am beginning to think if there is anything to pursue there. Not sure what yet.

I like the idea of contrasting images of Chris when he lives in the flat on his own to when he is living with his Grandson as I hear Sam has many interesting belongings including bearded dragons, a chihuahua and lots of wigs.


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