Research in art and design lecture 22/09/16

David’s lecture was very inspiring, in particular his unrelenting drive and positivity towards his work and the subject matter of his work.

I really liked when he said that artists asks questions that there isn’t necessarily an answer for, concepts that are irreconcilable and crystallize these problems into a cultural product. That is I hope, how i’d like to approach my own work looking into online activism, celebrity and social media. Not to say one thing or the other, but to show the many functioning contradictions of this relationship.

He said it’s important to have a sense of adventure and discovery, which was definitely an exciting thing to hear someone else say. And to choose possibilities of new research as an act of freewill. That last bit I think stayed with me the most, as I feel in my line of enquiry I will have to undertake some areas of research that to my knowledge, hasn’t happened yet. For example, I would like to timeline the evolution of online activism – what form did it start in, what has it progressed into and why?



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