Action Research Lecture 28/09/16

Also very helpful. In particular:

For my MA research should be:

  • More than what I normally do
  • Raises questions
  • Improves and changes

This stuck with me because i’m aware that my research should be more than what I normally do, but I’ve had a slow start due to a slight nervousness I suppose about starting my MA.

It was important for me to hear that work SHOULD be collaborative. I have always felt this with any creative project I’ve hoped to do. I’ve had many ideas for projects that i wanted to do in the past that required a team of people, but didn’t quite feel like I had the confidence and/or facility to achieve this – particularly one idea I had with a choir in mind. I will use MA to push my will to collaborate with others.

And reflection of course. The hardest yet best thing to do. Even writing these first blog posts already have made me feel all the better.


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